There are two campus broaden over 5 acres and 40 acres of land respectively along Delhi highway (NH-24). It is aesthetically deliberate, sophisticatedly built and equipped with state of the art infrastructure. The campus ambience motivates students to cultivate as enlightened human beings. The academic intricate is a three-storey building, consisting of Administrative Offices, Well-equipped contemporary Lecture Halls, Faculty Rooms, Seminar Halls, Auditorium, Library and Hostels. The campuses have unsoiled, smoke and noise free ambiance and very quite secluded from the city. The institutes, thus, grant ideal environment for studies. A beautiful lawn, lush green ambiance and serene environment contribute incalculably to invigorating learning environment in the campuses. Also there are proper arrangements for tight sanctuary coverage of the campuses round-the-clock.












We, at SSGI believe in what Curl Trawn has said “Be a little careful about your library. Do you foresee what you will do with it? Very little to be sure. But the real Question is , What it will do with You ? You will come here and get books that will open your eyes, and your ears , and your curiosity, and turn you inside out or outside in.” For that purpose we have rich collection aprox.9000 volumes in various aspects to the need of both staff and students. Institution lays special focus on strengthening of library, for which the latest books from prominent authors are added regularly. The Central library of institution is situated in the heart of campus which is easily accessible by every visitors & readers. The Library has adopted open access systems which enables the readers to go to the book shelves and select the books & other resources to themselves .All the books are classified according to Dewey decimal classification & arranged in the classified order on shelves.


Conference Room


The conference room is equipped with modern audio-video technological amenities. It undeniably gives our juvenile managers a glimpse of the professional world.






The conference room witnesses the young bent coddle in cluster discussions, presentations, mock sessions, online seminars etc.



Wi-fi Campus



The evolution of computer is a significant part of human evolution and an appreciation of its importance may provide fresh insights into our place. The Institute has well-established, air conditioned ultra-modern computer labs.



For the convenience of students, hard copy printing is made available through network printers. The teachers and students are encouraged to utilize IT and leverage its power in making learning more informative and entertaining.



In addition, Wi-Fi campus enables students to get in continuous touch with their teachers and the outer world.





The great consulting room of judicious man is a library. The institute has a well-stocked library, where students can lay their hands on books of gigantic variety of topics.




The library also provides students with a number of magazines that enable them to keep themselves updated with the latest happenings around the world.





Efforts are always in progress to keep the library well-stocked with latest publications. The collection in the library is constantly enriched with books beyond those prescribed by the syllabus.








Institute provides good detach hostels for outstation Boys and Girls students, equipped with necessary amenities to make the stay comfy. It is a home away from home.





Hostel rooms are obtainable on double occupancy basis and allotted on first-come, first-serve basis. Students desirous of staying in the hostel are required to reserve the seats at the time of admission.



Class rooms



The spacious classrooms in the Campus provided the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions.






The classrooms are equipped with adequate teaching and learning aids like Multimedia Computers, LCD Projectors, Over Head Projectors etc. to provide our students the best of the learning environment & methodology.


Common Room



One hall has been provided for Common Room. There is provision for indoor games such as carrom, chess etc. are placed in the Common Room for use of students at their leisure hours.




The college Common Room gives opportunity to the students for rest and recreation.







During cultural programmes, it also serves as green room. And at time turns to study rooms during examinations.



SSGI understands that the refreshment time is the time when a student takes break from the studies to relax and thus eating area has been especially designed with clean and comfortable environ where they can enjoy their food.


College canteen is open to students, staff and other visitors to the campus. The canteen serves fresh & hot meals and menu has been planned meticulously to best fit the needs of the students.




A favorite spot of students, the cafeteria provides hygienic and healthy foods, snacks and beverages at affordable price

Computer Lab



The institution has a Fully Air – Conditioned Computer Lab which is equipped with Latest Computers from HP & Dell , LCD Monitors, High speed networking equipment and all requisite Hardware / Software so as to impart knowledge in the most hi-tech environment.

The institute has Wi-Fi campus providing 24x7 internet facility. The institute also has high quality persistent bandwidth offering high speed and uninterrupted 4 Mbps (1:1) connectivity on Optical Fiber Network.




Institute Buses are available for routine pickups and drop of students and staff from various locations. Having its own transport facility enables the institute to make various industrial trips and tour that are efficiently and easily managed.






Adequate games and sports facilities are available viz.

  • Playground for Cricket

  • Hockey

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Badminton Courts &

  • Table Tennis etc.

Facilities for athletics also exist in the campus for physical development of students.








Institute organizes excursion tours for students and faculty as and when required to overcome from the hectic schedule of working.





Moradabad is centre place for different beautiful tourist spots, such as

  • Nainital

  • Mussoorie

  • Dehradun

  • Jim Corbet National Park etc.






Medical Facilities


Medical care is available at the campus. An experienced doctor has been hired who regularly visits the campus for checkup of students and staff.





Besides this we have special arrangements for emergency medical requirements.



Yoga and Gym


The Institute has a well equipped yoga and Gym facilities. The Institute has a yoga room and gym where students do yoga under the expert guidance of their yoga instructor. Yogic and fitness exercises promise quantative and qualitative personality growth of the child. Promises student’s physical strength, flexibility balance and relaxation. Improves student’s capacities for focusing concentration and retention of new information. Increased ease in classroom management for both students and teachers. A positive impact on students’ social and psychological development.


An individual learns to control anger and is calm and composed. It channelizes the energy in the right direction and is a good stress buster.


Cultural Activities


Education goes beyond the walls of the classroom. Values and beliefs cannot be taught in the class but these are filtered to the students through their experiences. That is why our students are encouraged to attend a variety of cultural events that broaden their educational experience.
The events organized at SSGI and many other such societies stimulate and encourage our students to appreciate Indian Culture and Art. Fests and cultural events are planned to be organized all year long giving fantastic opportunities to individuals to hone their talents.


A number of internal events like debates, declamations, quizzes and musical evenings keep the students hugely energized throughout the year – building a beautiful bond of togetherness.